This may work on other Roland digital piano models but I only tested it on an FP-30 with my Motorola X4. After spending about an hour trying to figure out why my system Bluetooth could not find my piano I figured out how to actually connect. (Hint: it’s not through the system Bluetooth)

  1. Download the Roland Piano Partner 2 App
  2. Turn on your piano
  3. Enable Bluetooth on your phone
  4. Turn on the Piano Bluetooth feature (on the FP-30 you hold the function/Bluetooth button and press A0)
  5. Open the Piano Partner App
  6. Tap the Gearbox in the top right corner
  7. Tap “Bluetooth MIDI Device”
  8. Tap “SCAN” (Potentially not needed step)
  9. Select your piano from the list (FP-30 in my case)
  10. A Successful connection is when an * shows up next to the name
  11. Go “Back” on your phone (tap the triangle in Android 9.0)
  12. You will see a “Preparing Data” loading bar show up
  13. Success you are now connected to your piano
  14. Practice.

This is confusing and I could not find how to do it in the manual or online but an hour of trouble shooting got me to these steps. If it’s not helpful to anyone else out there at least now I have it written out for myself.