Learn how to open files multiple ways with vim tools and vim plugins

You’ve heard of these custom status line plugins. Now get started using one of them.

My current vim plugin list.

Step-by-step instructions to connect your Roland FP-30 via Bluetooth.

Your favorite editor has spell check built in. Checkout a simple walk through on how to use it

Vim is a keyboard driven text editor which means there are a lot of keyboard shortcuts and commands. The <leader> key is a vim tool that can be used to create personalized shortcuts. Let’s discuss a few different ways to create our own shortcuts.

Have you ever looked back on your code and thought “Who wrote this! ….<git blame>…oh…it was me.” We are all constantly learning new things and frankly our past self is just not as smart as our current self (or so we think). So today I want to walk through a simple refactor I did on a Rails project I have worked on over the years.